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Bishop Auckland / Barnard Castle, County Durham

How do I get started?

You can email me, call me or send a text message as an initial enquiry.

We then agree a mutually convenient time for a Free brief telephone consultation (approximately 20 minutes) which gives us an opportunity to speak and for me to assess whether the issues or concerns you are facing may be something I am able to offer help with.

Who do you offer sessions to?

I currently only offer online or telephone sessions to individuals from age 16 years upwards.

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What is the cost of a session?

An individual session is £50 between 9-17.00.After 17.00 sessions are £60
This fee is the same for an initial face to face assessment session.
Payment is made in advance of each session. The initial session can be paid online to my bank account.
Sorry but I am unable to accept cheques or credit/debit cards.
I offer a free brief no obligation telephone consultation. Just contact me to arrange this.

When do you offer therapy sessions?

I offer sessions on Mondays between 9.00-20.00.
Please contact me if this would not fit with your availability and I will be as flexible as I can.

How does an online therapy session work?

I offer Skype, Zoom and FaceTime sessions.
Whilst we are experiencing Covid 19 I have decided this is the best format for me to offer sessions.
You will need to have either Facetime, Skype or Zoom installed on your phone, tablet or PC.
These applications are encrypted for safety and very easy to use. I can talk you through any uncertainty you may have about having sessions online.
Privacy with no interruptions is very important for you to be able to arrange.
Many clients say that online sessions feel easier if they are anxious in any way whether this is part of their reasons for seeking therapy or if this is because driving is something they feel anxious about. If for any reason you are unable to leave your home or travel then online sessions are a good compromise.

Telephone sessions can also be arranged if this would be preferred.

Please contact me to discuss these options and ask any questions you may have.

How long is each therapy session?

Each session is 55 minutes.
An outdoor therapy session can be 55 minutes or extended to 90 minutes.

How many sessions will I need?

This is a question which is not easy to answer but is a common one. Often a few sessions allow a light to be shone on an issue and a person sees their way forward without a need for longer term sessions. However, often once one thing is uncovered, others start surfacing and sessions continue as long as each client chooses.

You are of course free to end your therapy at any time however an ending session or work towards this is of most therapuetic benefit if this is possible.

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I am interested in Outdoor Therapy. How does this work?

We will arrange an initial telephone consultation session and discuss what you are looking for. Boundaries and contracts for confidentiality are the same as sessions in a therapy room.
An initial session online or on the telephone will be offered first so we can also discuss how an outdoor session works.
The fee for a one hour outdoor therapy session is the same as for an online or telephone session and is £50.

I only offer outdoor therapy sessions to individuals.

How often should I have sessions?

If possible, initially weekly sessions are of most benefit to build up a therapeutic relationship between us. After several sessions then frequency can be discussed for ongoing sessions.

Is there a fee for a missed session or late cancellation?

Yes. As the session fee is payable in advance for the next session, if a cancellation for whatever reason is made less than 48 hours before the booked session, then the fee is non refundable. If more than 48 hours notice is given the session may be rearrranged or a refund given if no further sessions are required.

How do I end my sessions?

There is enormous therapeutic benefit in working towards an ending session and agreeing this between therapist and client. This allows any reasons for ending to be discussed, be clear and processed as best as possible. Depending on the length of the therapy, ending can take a few weeks or months.

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