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About me. You see in the world......

A little about me and my interests......


I absolutely love to travel the world and have been to many incredible places meeting different cultures and people who live life on different continents, yet we all have in common that we are 'people'....we are 'human beings' and as such we are not perfect and are learning all the time.
I have met the gentlest of people in Mongolia mainly practicing Buddhist principles and way of life ....... been to several African countries meeting people whose family members were killed in the Genocide in Rwanda and to I have witnessed a silverback gorilla (in Parc des Volcans Rwanda) protect his group by charging and asserting his role as leader and flown in a hot air balloon over the Serengeti during the Great Migration with only the sounds and smells of the wilderbeest and zebra beneath the silent balloon..... been to Vietnam and Cambodia seeing the prison where people were held before being taken to their death in The Killing Fields. visited Ground Zero less than a year after the 911 attack and Sri Lanka after the Tsunami in 2004....... I have spent time volunteering in Borneo at Orangutan Rehabilitation Centres and visiting remote Tribes deep in the Rainforest and walked many kilometres on several Greek Islands getting lost in olive groves and meeting tree climbing goats along the way.
In 2019 I spent time assisting a volunteer whose life is dedicated to helping street cats in Thessaloniki. I took part in a TNR programme (trap, neuter, return) to help address the street cat population. This experience was heartbreaking and humbling at the same time.
Later this same year I spent a month in Namibia at a Wildlife Sanctuary volunteering to walk cheetahs and baboons, feeding lion and wild dogs cleaning meerkat cages and horse-riding amongst giraffe and zebra. Incredible experience which was hard and dirty work and also educational and inspiring.
Giving of ourselves is the most fulfilling and compassionate experience we can offer.


I document my trips with my hobby of photography so that each time I look at photographs I am transported back to that moment in time when I was there and pressed the shutter.

I feel privileged and incredibly grateful to have done this, as my passion and love of both animals and people are the common thread throughout. I made a decision many years ago that this was what I wanted to do. To create experiences and have the memories to carry with me. I visualised and imagined and then made this my reality. I work hard to be able to do these things and make them happen and the pleasure I get is immense.

About me. Deadvlei. Namibia

Self Care......

I attend meditation sessions and workshops regularly. I go to Meditation retreats a few times a year to 'refuel and recharge'.... to look after myself.
I also walk for miles in the beautiful Northumberland National Park and County Durham fens and moorlands plus along beaches in all weathers which can be exhilarating, incredibly fulfilling and very therapeutic and grounding.

"I am sharing this to allow a little insight into my world. When I practice as a Therapist working with clients who want to be the best they can be and experience life fully, I am doing my best to do this in my own life. I aim to practice what I encourage in others"

Just CLICK HERE to see my FaceBook page which has regular shared articles and that I hope will be of interest and support to you. I share guided meditations and up to date research about how mindfulness based practice can soothe in the simplest of ways allowing self care to be at hand easily.

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