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Addiction comes in many forms......
Alcohol......Drugs (prescription and street)......Food(overeating, binge eating, withholding eating)......gambling(online, bookies, bingo, lottery, slot machines)......Social Media(FaceBook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram)......Spending money......Porn......Sex......Thinking(ruminating, over thinking)...............

I have specific experience and understanding in the field of addiction in many of its forms but particularly substances such as drugs and alcohol.

I spent 12 years as a Counsellor with a Substance Misuse Service seeing clients for long and short term therapy who wanted to address their addiction. This type of therapy is, however, often longer term as usually there are so many underlying issues that have been buried for a long time and patience and trust is needed for this uncovering. I work at the pace of the client and do not push, rush or have any set expectations. The nature of addiction is similar across all of its forms and can be a distraction or an attempt to cover or numb out emotions which seem too hard to bear.

Relationships can be a major addiction and the highs and lows experienced when 'using' any substance can be felt. The desire to make the relationship fill a void, to be the way you 'want it to be' but is not how it is in reality, can all be clues that your relationship is not healthy. Many people say they cannot exist without ....partner.....girlfriend....wife... but this is in actuality not a truth but merely a belief which keeps a person stuck in unhealthy ways and feeling unhappy.

By being able to be open and honest in therapy the real needs which you are trying (unsuccessfully) to meet within the relationship, can be addressed and brought out into the open to be explored and de-mystified. Relationships and addictive behaviours are very common and when uncovered and worked through, a sense of freedom is felt and a healthy relationship has a chance of being formed.

Sexual Health and Pregnancy

I was a Counsellor with Brook Cornwall for 13 years (5 years Lead Counsellor).
I have experience seeing clients addressing issues such as pregnancy, termination, Sexual Health screening and diagnosis of STIs and relationships.

Bereavement, Grief and Loss

I set up and developed the counselling service with ISight Cornwall (formerly Cornwall Blind Association) in 1997 and saw clients until 2015 for Counselling sessions.
I have therefore gained vast experience and knowledge of the ways loss in any form affects us and how this impacts on families, parents and partners as well as on the person who is grieving that loss.
I have particular experience in seeing clients about sensory loss, disability or long term health condition whether their own or their partner, parent or other family member.
Sometimes a loss hits us a long time after the event and sometimes a whole outpouring of grief can occur after many other losses and the most recent loss facilitates emotions to erupt.
Counselling sessions can help to process the mixture of overwhelming feelings or numbness that loss and grieving can create.

About my Experience. Mum sheep and 2 lambs

Caring for somoene

I spent 3 years facilitating support groups for Carers who were looking after a family member either in their own home or not. Caring for someone who is ill, elderly or has had a serious accident can be overwhelming, emotional, draining and full of conflict. This person is someone who matters to you and you want to be there for them but there are times when you feel pulled between this and other areas of your life. Counselling sessions can give you the opportunity to explore the role you play in the family, your expectations of yourself and expectations others have of you. You can take time out for yourself and learn to realise that if you do not look after yourself and always put the needs of others first then you will be running on empty and be then of no benefit to anyone including yourself.

About my Experience. BACP Accred logo


I am BACP Registered and have been Accredited since 2004.

Ba Psychology. Leeds University
4 Year Advanced Clinical Diploma in Transactional Analysis (TA)
Certificate in Couples Counselling
Certificate in Outdoor Therapy
Certificate in Psychotherapy and Meditation ( Tara Brach)

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